Saturday, February 11, 2012

Desert Island Dance List, 8/26/10

If you were stranded on a desert island, what dance would you want with you?

Recently, I mentioned somewhat felicitously that if I were stuck on a desert island, Mark Morris’L’Allegro would be one of the dances I’d want with me. I received an enthusiastic response to the (admittedly absurd) idea, so I figured I’d post the first installment of my list and ask people to post theirs as well. The timing is particularly ripe as I happen to be on vacation in Montana, which – while not a desert island by any stretch, although geographically, desert/mountains – is at least far enough away from the constant stream of culture to foster a truer perspective. So let the front porch be the stage, and the mountains the backdrop, a Aston the black lab the stage manager.
No rules here, just the first dances that come to mind. No surprise that most are classics by established choreographers in larger venues – tried and true, and also having had the benefit of repeated viewings.
Paul Taylor – EsplanadeSunset 
Pina Bausch – Palermo, PalermoCarnations
Mark Morris – L’AllegroGrand Duo
Lucinda Childs – Dance II
Merce Cunningham – Ocean, 2009 Event at Battery Park City
Martha Graham – Sketches from Chronicle
Trisha Brown – Opal Loop
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker – Rain
Bill T. Jones – Chapel/Chapter
Alexei Ratmansky – Concerto DSCH
Ohad Naharin – KamuyotMamootot
George Balanchine – SerenadeUnion Jack
Twyla Tharp – Golden Section
Petipa/Ivanov/McKenzie – ABT’s Swan Lake (yes, really)
Maguy Marin – Les applaudissements ne se mangent pas
I realize there are very few choreographers here under 50 – one? – but perhaps that is a list for another day.
Add yours in comments. Happy dreaming of dance!
Image: The stage for the desert island/mountain dance festival, courtesy Livingston, Montana. Lights, places, action! Photo: Susan Yung.

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