Monday, June 11, 2012

Swans and fawns

It's been a full week, but not in the usual way. I had my share of Swan Lake and an Afternoon of a Faun

But they were a pair of real swans on a bay, and an actual baby deer whose regular route ran in front of the cottage where I stayed on Long Island, and the aforementioned bay. 

The fawn knelt down and napped in a stand of shrubs just near the house. Not quite Jerome Robbins, but just as intriguing and definitely more rare to see.

As for the swans, toured the small bay twice a day, once at low tide, which made their pickings that much easier, and again at twilight for what seemed to be cocktail hour mode. In the photo, we were having a BBQ, and the swan cruised up as close as could be to check out the fire building.

They were joined by herons, geese, duck, and hawks, plus many smaller avians like red winged blackbirds and sparrows. 

Then there was the cantaloupe-sized tortoise taking a bath in the big puddle in the lane, and the raccoon that trundled past the cottage several times.

Now, back to the fake swans and fauns, which I missed, although the change of scenery was welcome and needed.

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