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Just a Minute!, 11/11/08

60x60 at Winter Garden

Jeramy Zimmerman
Attention spans are definitely getting shorter. The whole internet thing, Google, texting, Twitter – how much shorter can the essence of a thought get than 140 characters or an emoticon? And now brevity has ferociously seized the performing arts with 60×60 Dance.
This free event, at the World Financial Center’s Arts>World on November 14 at 12:30pm and 7pm, is perfect for those of us with ADD. Founded by composer Robert Voisey, it pairs 60 choreographers with 60 composers to create 60 works 60 seconds in length. Voisey, director of new music group Vox Novus began the project in the shape of a one hour concert, one composer per minute.
The composers, from far and wide, were paired with choreographers from New York gathered by Jeramy Zimmerman, a contributor as well. The fact that there are 60 choreographers in the city able and willing to participate in this project is pretty remarkable, a testament to the city’s cultural chops. Some names are familiar (among them, Guta Hedwig, Germaul Barnes, and Kathleen Dyer/KDNY Dance) while most are not, but therein lies a big attraction—discovery.
The music is recorded. The dances, including many solos and duets but some larger groups, will be performed live on an indoor stage in front of the North Cove marina. The pairings were made randomly, bringing into play the element of chance. A big clock will be on display to keep things moving along; each new work begins at the stroke of twelve.
The program is one of many 60×60 programs put together by Vox Novus, which aims “to produce and disseminate new music to a large and diverse audience.” The 60 concept began with musical composition, and has broadened to encompass video, sculpture, film, and dance. CDs are made of each collection for posterity.
The samplings are likely to include pretty much every musical and dance style, from classical to modern and everything in between, above, and beyond. Even in a city that prides itself on diversity, there is bound to be something new to be experienced. And if you don’t like what you’re seeing or hearing, wait a minute. Literally.
Photo of Jeramy Zimmerman by Steven Schreiber.

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